Marine Policy and Environment Advocacy CTE News

Students of the Marine Policy and Environment Advocacy (MPEA) CTE continue to be active performing real environmental advocacy.  MPEA is the CTE where students’ daily work has an immediate impact on the world around them.  Due to the nature of the program’s activities in the world at large, the pandemic has not impacted the curriculum and activities of this CTE at all.

This Fall, the students performed projects to improve their communication skills, such as writing letters to government representations and effective advocacy on Instagram.   They developed a richer understanding of stakeholders (vs. shareholders) and how to address these groups.  Rob also took video footage of water utility-related signs in Schoharie County, New York, to demonstrate stakeholder-ship in action.

The MPEA blog continues to expand.  We invite all 9th grade parents to check out/subscribe to  the blog to see the details of the students’ exciting assignments.   The blog can be found at:

All year, the MPEA class will continue to develop the skills of future environment leaders, political representatives, advocates, lawyers and journalists.

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