The Oyster Classic 5K goes Virtual!

To participate in the 2021 Virtual Oyster Classic 5K, complete these two steps. If you are only sponsoring the event or a particular runner, just complete Step 1:

Step 1: Register on RunSignup

Step 2: Join our event on Strava

Strava will allow us to track your results and connect you to the other participants.

  1. Download the Strava app on your phone
  2. Create a log in for Strava
    1. You can also do this at the Strava website
  3. Join the Oyster Classic 5K Club
  4. Go to Challenges – 
    1. Join the June 5K Challenge
  5. Sometime between June 4 and June 13, run a 5K while tracking your progress on Strava.

We will watch for everyone’s results in Strava, and let you know how you did!

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