Flotilla and Blessing of the Fleet, September 10

In honor of 9/11 and in commemoration of the Great Boat Lift, a Flotilla and Blessing of the Fleet is being organized on Friday September 10.  Passage aboard the Classic Harbor Line Fleet is being offered to participate in this grand event.  100% of all ticket sales are donated to the Billion Oyster Project for NY Harbor School programs.

Please utilize the link to book purchase a ticket for yourself or donate to a Harbor School Student: 
If you can not attend and would like to donate a ticket to a Harbor School student. Please email the ticket confirmation to Captain Aaron Singh, asingh@newyorkharborschool.org

The “Boatlift” of 9/11 was the largest water evacuation in history. After road, tunnel, and railway closures out of New York City, over half a million people were stranded in lower Manhattan following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. 
American Maritime transported over 500,000 survivors from lower Manhattan across the harbor to safety and the rescue was larger than the evacuation of 340,000 American-allied troops at Dunkirk. 
The rescue effort involved over 150 American Maritime vessels, including passenger ferries, tugboats, merchant ships, private vessels, and New York City Fire Department and Police Department boats. 
More than 800 American mariners participated in the Boatlift evacuation of September 11th.

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