Harbor School needs its Regents exams delivered to the school, like every other public High School in the state

Please sign our petition.

We are writing to protest a clear inequity by the Regents Board. Though we are the ONLY island high school in New York state, NY State Regents Board penalizes the student and faculty of our school, unlike any other school. Our island location requires a ferry, necessitating delay in access. The current practice of delivering our tests to another school, forcing our principals to collect them there on the morning of each test day is then just unfair.

  • As a result, our students are not given the allotted full time for testing
  • if a student has the bad luck to have two Regents in a given day, their test time may be further truncated as we must vacate the island by 5:45 daily.
  • This is unfair to our children, and an abrogation of their rights, as any lack of appropriate time significantly handicaps their performance.
  • For the students with IEPs and 504s with extended time mandates — nearly 28% of the student body — this denies their equal access to Regents, and has a negative effect on outcomes.

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